A discussion on the use of propaganda to scare people in the mccarthy era

Part Two Socialist, Marxist and Communist Indoctrination School kids are being prepared for a socialist world government under the United Nationsto which most public school teachers would not object.

A discussion on the use of propaganda to scare people in the mccarthy era

This is but one of many; refer to the others from this series found to the right of your screen. To study the anti-communist fervor prompted by the Cold War which encouraged yet another evolutionary period of intolerance in American society.

Liberal - Derived from Middle English term liberalis, meaning befitting free men. Conservative - Derived from Middle English term conserven, meaning to save, guard, preserve.

In the s, the conservative mind set generally defined freedom as individual autonomy that opposed a strong national government and instead supported limited government and unregulated capitalism.

Increasingly throughout the decade, "new" conservatives believed that independent and men women should and could lead virtuous lives if the government stayed out their economic lives, but at the same time, supported governmental action forcing Americans to live a virtuous life as they defined it.

What was the Second Red Scare? The targets of the Second Red Scare were governmental officials, those who disapproved of governmental actions and actively sought change, and people in the movie industry - in other words, "liberals. It is the uncritical and unquestioning acceptance of America as it is - the political instituions, the social relationships, and the economic practices.

This meant containing the communist threat within the United States as well as outside its borders. As Foner tells us, "Containment - not only of communism but of unorthodox opinions of all kinds - took place at home as well as abroad.

When the Americans entered the war, the Soviets were our allies. His long-term goal was world order in which the U. As such, the US recognized that disagreement with the Soviet Union was inevitable and would require considerable negotiation and tactful diplomacy. This was the policy of peaceful coexistence.

While FDR did not necessarily like the fact that the Soviets wanted to create an Eastern European buffer zone of communist states, he could understand and accept it as a legitimate security objective - much like U. Truman felt Soviet expansion was proof of its imperialistic intentions to spread communism throughout the world - intentions that threatened his belief that American national interests should comprise the primary foundations for world cooperation and peace.

This became known as the containment policy. Thus, Truman and his administration were directly responsible for changing national opinion - for transforming the Soviets from a great power that had goals that sometimes conflicted with the U.

To put some bite into his rhetoric, Truman then set out to prove to the American public that he was not, in fact, soft on Communism by creating the Federal Employee Loyalty Program. This was the first general loyalty progream in the U. After a hearing, any federal employee could be fired if "reasonable grounds" existed for believing he or she was disloyal in belief or in actions.

Civil servants suspected of disloyalty were not allowed to face their accusers nor were their investigators required to reveal their sources. Betweenloyalty boards forced almost 3, government employees to resign and were fired for charges of disloyalty.

This program, however, failed to uncover any evidence of subversion, espionage, or any threat to American security.

Propaganda of the Red Scare by Aaron Zahn on Prezi

With this program, Truman aimed to rally public opinion behind his Cold War policies. He also hoped to quiet right-wing critics who accused Democrats of being soft on communism. In the meantime, conservatives continued to criticize Truman - claiming that he had not gone far enough in his effort to "root the Communists out of the government.

Some - but only a very few - certainly occupied sensitive government positions. The American public, and some members of Congress, believed all of these Americans posed a huge threat to the security of the U.

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Passed the Alien Registration Act of making it illegal for anyone in the US to advocate overthrowing the government. It required all alien residents in the US over the age of 14 to file a statement of their personal and occupational status, as well as their political beliefs.

Byonly 30, Americans were still registered members of the Party. While the vast majority of the rank-and-file communists were not involved in any type of espionage or disloyalty, we now know that the Soviets did support the American Communist Party during this period and that some of its most prominent leaders passed on American secrets to the Soviets.

Hoover activated national fear by announcing that there was one American Commuinst for every 1, loyal citizens. HUAC sought to remove those films with liberal, leftist viewpoints from the entertainment industry and thus ensure that the mass media promoted American capitalism, traditional American values, and the "right images.

Most refused to cooperate with the committee - HUAC cited ten of these - the Hollywood Ten - them for contempt when they took the Fifth Amendment and lashed out at the activities of the committee. These ten were jailed and blacklisted in the industry.

After purging the movie industry of such films via several years of harassment, Hollywood attempted to proove its dedication to the anti-communist crusad by turning out a series of undistinguished films like Big Jim McLainMy Son JohnI Was a Communist for the FBIand On the Waterfront At first Hiss denied knowing Chambers, but under questioning from Richard M.s/Cold War Review.

Gates of Vienna

STUDY. In the United States, the Red Scare of and the McCarthy Era of the early 's were periods of. persecution of people suspected of holding anti-American political views.

What was one similarity between the Red Scare following World War I .

A discussion on the use of propaganda to scare people in the mccarthy era

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Aug 26,  · McCarthyism Propaganda. but that’s not to say people like Senator McCarthy didn’t accomplish their goal.

They successfully twisted the truth in order to manipulate how Americans viewed communism. This is not the only McCarthyism, communist scare tactic poster/comic book on the blog but I do think that it is important to.

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