A research on the demographic data of six nations with special regard to their urbanization

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A research on the demographic data of six nations with special regard to their urbanization

Abstract This assessment of the program and its foundations in Cairobegins with an overview outlining the television program and discusses techniques employed to send its message. It begins with the politics and ends with the reality.

Its proposed remedy is a narrow application of the demographic transition theory applied primarily to women page 4. Because this theory has proven to be a controversial approach, it is appropriate to question the change from proven winning policies page 6.

A discussion of each of the individual case studies illustrated in the film follows, —Mexico p10Kenya page 11India, Italy page 12China page 13and the United States page The first three are examples of nations in political denial; Italy is a misunderstood opportunity, while China is berated for its successful population policy and the U.

Concluding comments are found at page Overview The announcement said that the PBS special "Six Billion and Beyond", is a "powerful new documentary, which explores the global impact of population growth through personal stories of struggle and hope around the world.

It then discusses Mexico, Kenya, and India as examples of countries with population problems. The program changes course in the two following sections discussing China and the United States.

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China it berates for its population policy and the U. It is also evident that people and governments should be relieved of the duty of implementing domestic population policies. Her statement also seems to suggest that the efforts of all those who have for so many years worked to improve lives and the environment had another agenda.

That implication is terribly wrong and insulting to the profoundly concerned and dedicated individuals and organizations working so long in the field. A viewer will be left wondering what was the purpose and agendas of the program?

To help the overpopulated billions? The change in viewpoint is so substantial one may think the solutions offered were designed by those with a feminist and social Utopian rather than realistic agenda.

It may also have had the intention of increasing the flow of dollars to the organizations and foundations that satisfy the social parameters advocated by the program. In addition, this film is consistent with the ongoing effort to separate population from environmental and social matters.

At Cairo, it was agreed that numbers were a secondary concern, if they mattered at all, and slowing not stopping population growth was the goal. No mention is made of the burgeoning U. The program would have the viewer believe that human numbers, environmental and other trends, and family planning goals are no longer a primary consideration when addressing overpopulation.

If there is no specified population and environmental destination, any route will get you there. It begins with the clever selection and portrayal of the characters in each part. This program is slanted toward women —literally to the point of being incorrectly titled.

The narrator, for example is a woman and most of the substantive players are women. The critical first three segments the program primarily use charismatic young teenage girls to carry its message.

In marked contrast, the China segment uses a couple around thirty and in the U. In many instances the reason is a good one, trying to make an emotional connection with viewers, especially young girls.

Most would agree, that reaching young girls is crucial, and therefore the use of some artistic license is permissible. In addition, the recurring theme of "hope" and that the future can be different from the past is a sensible one.

A research on the demographic data of six nations with special regard to their urbanization

Likewise, in Kenya there are few, if any, positive male role models. The picture of the very poor young boy with the really big boombox seemed contrived —no doubt an attempt to connect with boombox devoted teenagers everywhere.

The question must be asked, how did this poor young lad get an expensive boombox? Was the intention that young boys were as irresponsible as older men?Methodological Advances in Cross-National Surveys of Educational Achievement () Chapter: 6.

Measuring Family Background in International Studies of Education: Conceptual Issues and Methodological Challenges. The Role of the Demographic Transition in the Process of Urbanization. Authors. Tim Dyson. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Empirical research on coordination evaluation and sustainable development mechanism of regional logistics and new-type urbanization: a panel data analysis from to for Liaoning Province .

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This paper is a comprehensive study on the progress in research on Chinese urbanization. On the basis of the concept and connotation of Chinese urbanization defined by Chinese scholars, the paper systematically collects the research results on the issues concerning urbanization in China from the different approaches of demography, geography, city planning, economics and history, reviewing the.

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Introduction to Population, Urbanization, and the Environment Chapter Population, Urbanization, and the Environment by William Little and Ron McGivern is . Data users are advised to note the following differences in resolution between tables: â ¢ County Fileâ Provides data at the six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) industry code at the county level â State Fileâ Provides data at the six-digit NAICS industry code at the state level â U.S.

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A research on the demographic data of six nations with special regard to their urbanization