A review the beach

Critics say The Beach is unfocused and muddled, a shallow adaptation of the novel it is based on. Points go to the gorgeous cinematography, though.

A review the beach

The Beach Boys Reviewed on this page: Their mids hits have become a part of our collective unconscious, but the author of those magic A-sides - Brian Wilson - is an obscure figure, remembered more for his mental illness, drug abuse, and hermit-like existence than for his musical achievements.

I have avoided wasting my money on a long string of 80s and 90s records that have little or nothing to do with Brian Wilson and hardly deserve the attribution "by the Beach Boys," not to mention obscure solo albums by Bruce, Carl, and Mike.

However, I have listed them anyway and also reviewed fascinating solo albums by Brian and Dennis.

A review the beach

The Beach Boys have a long, sordid history that you can read about in any of several trash bios that are discussed on our book reviews page. There are so many Beach Boys web sites I can hardly keep track of them.

The Beach Boys Britain home page is a tasteful starting point; the Beach A review the beach Fan Club Home Page grovels woefully; the Cabin Essence Brian Wilson site is overly flashy but informative; and the heavily commercialized "unofficial fan site" at beachboys.

Important note for collectors: In the mids, however, Capitol crassly re-released the LPs on separate disks, junking the dozens of bonus tracks altogether. The twofers have been reissued again, but the one-LP-per-CD versions are still floating around, so watch out.

Important note for fawning fans: Jardine left, replaced by David Marks,then returned, Brian Wilson replaced on tours by Bruce Johnston vocals, bass, keyboardswho later appeared on studio records, Johnston left, Blondie Chaplin guitar, vocals and Ricky Fataar drums added, Chaplin and Fataar left, Dennis drowned, ; Carl died of brain cancer, 6 February Note, however, that most of the tracks are Brian Wilson originals even at this early date, with his teenage friend Gary Usher frequently co-credited.

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JA Surfer Girl Brian had gotten his act together by this point, and it shows. But the rest is once again mostly filler, including a couple of primitive surf-rock instrumentals and a couple more odes to surfing that are marred by terrible lyrics.

And most of the hastily recorded new ones, written quickly around Roger Christian drag race lyrics, are weak.

JA All Summer Long A classic, full of great rockers and more sophisticated than earlier efforts. Brian is still doing some car songs, including well-deserved hits like "I Get Around," with its famous a capella intro, and the slightly more primitive, but equally exciting "Little Honda.

JA Christmas Album Yet another cash-in.

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But on the second side Brian goes wild with a string of romantic ballads that are graced by complex backing tracks and breathtaking harmony arrangements "Please Let Me Wonder"; "Kiss Me Baby".

Recorded over a couple days with minimal instrumentation for once by the Beach Boys themselvesit features overdubbed, improvised dialogue that gives the record a convincing, but in fact entirely artificial party-like atmosphere. JA Pet Sounds A startling jump forwards, and one of the greatest records in rock history - the Beatles and many others were spurred on to greater heights by it.

Every track is a masterpiece, including the two bizarre, richly crafted orchestral instrumentals. There are amazing touches everywhere, ranging from inventive instrumentation to startling a capella harmony breaks to astoundingly complex orchestration.

But with the Beach Boys and Capitol Records being mixed up in a lawsuit, the Beatles having just blown away the rock industry with their new album Sgt.

JA Smiley Smile A fascinating misfire. The included version of the multi-part lead-off single "Heroes And Villains" is inferior to others that Brian had worked out, although its brilliance does shine through. And other complex compositions are rendered sketchily: And Dennis comes up with a couple of simple, touching, and deeply sorrowful ballads "Little Bird"; "Be Still" ; his first released compositions, they point the way to his more mature work over the coming decade.

But the album is weighed down by some light-weight, feel-good nonsense like "Anna Lee, The Healer" and the Eastern-melodies-meet-braying-horns fiasco "Transcendental Meditation," with bone-headedly spiritual 60s lyrics courtesy of Mike.

Capitol paired this with Party on a twofer release, which therefore ended up being practically the only one not worth owning.

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A review the beach
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