An analysis of the western worlds help to the jews in the holocaust during the world war two

The Logic Of Disbelief K. Gleason Over the past several years, there has emerged with increasing frequency the charge that because it failed to bomb the Germans' concentration camps, the United States bears a significant share of the blame for the Holocaust. There are even those who insist that American officials were well aware of Hitler's crimes during World War Two, yet chose purposely not to stop them.

An analysis of the western worlds help to the jews in the holocaust during the world war two

Knickerbocker wrote in"Poland must come in a separate category since there Hitler has apparently set out to exterminate the 3, Jews without the restraint he seems to have put on himself elsewhere The United States also refused to grant temporary refuge to Jews fleeing Europe.

In the wake of the Great Depression, the United States had a highly restrictive immigration quota system, but even the limited quota spots were not filled. Ickes proposed the use of Alaska as a "haven for Jewish refugees from Germany and other areas in Europe where the Jews are subjected to oppressive restrictions.

That summer Ickes had toured Alaska and met with local officials to discuss improving the local economy and bolstering security in a territory viewed as vulnerable to Japanese attack.

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Ickes thought European Jews might be the solution. Most Jews agreed with Rabbi Stephen Wisepresident of the American Jewish Congressthat adoption of the Alaska proposal would deliver "a wrong and hurtful impression Roosevelt never mentioned the Alaska proposal in public, and without his support the plan died.

Roosevelt in July to discuss the problem of Jewish refugees. However, most western countries were reluctant to accept Jewish refugees, and the question was not resolved. The Bermuda Conference led to no change in policy; the Americans would not change their immigration quotas to accept the refugees, and the British would not alter its immigration policy to permit them to enter Palestine.

At the time, the Red Cross justified its inaction by suggesting that aiding Jewish prisoners would harm its ability to help other Allied POWs. In addition, the Red Cross claimed that if it would take a major stance to improve the situation of those European Jews, the neutrality of Switzerland, where the International Red Cross was based, would be jeopardized.

Today, the Red Cross acknowledges its passivity during the Holocaust and has apologized for this. Diplomat Chiune Sugihara granted more than 2, transit visas and saved 6, Jewish refugees from Lithuania. Kiichiro Higuchi observed Japanese national policy as headquarters of the Kwantung Army against German oppositions.

An analysis of the western worlds help to the jews in the holocaust during the world war two

Pius employed diplomacy to aid the victims of the Nazis during the war and, through directing his Church to provide discreet aid to Jews, saved thousands of lives. His strongest public condemnation of genocide was, however, considered inadequate by the Allied Powers, while the Nazis viewed him as an Allied sympathizer who had dishonoured his policy of Vatican neutrality.

In his Christmas addresses of andthe pontiff was forceful on the topic but did not mention the Nazis by name. The Pope encouraged the bishops to speak out against the Nazi regime and to open the religious houses in their dioceses to hide Jews.

At Christmasonce evidence of the industrial slaughter of the Jews had emerged, he voiced concern at the murder of "hundreds of thousands" of "faultless" people because of their "nationality or race".

Pius intervened to attempt to block Nazi deportations of Jews in various countries from — When 60, German soldiers and the Gestapo occupied Rome inthousands of Jews were hiding in churches, convents, rectories, the Vatican and the papal summer residence. According to Joseph Lichten, the Vatican was called upon by the Jewish Community Council in Rome to help fill a Nazi demand of one hundred pounds of gold.

The Council had been able to muster seventy pounds, but unless the entire amount was produced within thirty-six hours had been told three hundred Jews would be imprisoned.As American Holocaust scholar Omer Bartov points out in a book on traces of the Holocaust in Western Ukraine, during the interwar period the Jews were a prominent ethnic group in Polish Galicia (,, or percent in , in Lviv , in ).

During the time leading up to the outbreak of World War II, the Western Press consistently carried numerous reports of the German's anti-Jewish policies and their purposeful victimization of the Jews living in Nazi Germany as well as the annexed territories.

Before World War II, Jews lived in varied communities, spanning eastern and western Europe, with diverse cultures and ways of life. Jews in Europe came from small towns as well as cities, and they were active in music, theater, politics, the military, business, and education.

Conditions for Polish Jews During WWII

The history of the Jews during World War II is almost synonymous with the Jewish persecution and murder of unprecedented scale in modern times in political Europe inclusive of European North Africa (pro-Nazi Vichy-North Africa and Italian Libya). Before World War Two three million, three hundred thousand Jewish people lived in Poland, ten percent of the general population of thirty-three million.

Oct 14,  · Watch video · After years of Nazi rule in Germany, during which Jews were consistently persecuted, Hitler’s “final solution”–now known as the Holocaust–came to fruition under the cover of world war.

Europe’s Jewish population