An essay on community corrections and female offenders

This typology of offender is expected to grow as more people are being convicted for traditional sex crimes e.

An essay on community corrections and female offenders

THE PROGRAM has grown from a two-person storefront operation into an internationally recognized model program that deals expertly with the complex and troubled inmate population and, in particular, with the needs of non-violent incarcerated women.

THE PROGRAM has always worked effectively with local and federal jurisdictions, and has developed programs and facilities at the request of Allegheny County, PA to solve pressing problems of overcrowding and gaps in service delivery in the local criminal justice system.

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The first stage of the renovation will convert existing retail space into a 15, square foot intensive inpatient treatment facility for female offenders who are eligible for alternative housing. With a combined area of 76, square feet in two buildings on a 1.

An essay on community corrections and female offenders

Provide mandated health care at appropriate levels to a currently under served population. Develop an alternative to incarceration for non-violent women that would greatly facilitate management of the increasing Jail population and the backlog of sentenced offenders awaiting incarceration.

Ultimately, the bed project could be a complete alternative, with its own intake center, for non-violent female offenders who would otherwise be housed in the Jail. The Allegheny County Jail lacks the capacity to house all offenders sentenced pursuant to mandatory minimum sentencing requirements.

Improve outcomes with the under served female Jail population through gender-responsive trauma-informed treatment and culture. Research shows that women are a poor fit in conventional corrections culture because of their history of trauma and abuse.

Strengthen families and deter inter-generational crime. THE PROGRAM is the only alternative housing provider that has historically accepted pregnant offenders and allowed young children to reside with their incarcerated mothers.

This will make a material difference in achieving family reunification objectives, long a problem with this challenged population. Reduce recidivism by facilitating re-entry with public safety protections. If the County is serious about achieving the recidivism goals of the Allegheny County Jail Collaborative, its strategy must include more innovative ways to reintegrate offenders into the community.

Local and state officials in Pennsylvania have called for increased use of community corrections to save costs, but they are also sensitive to concerns for public safety. Promote business development and job growth in Oakland and West Homestead.

The project will renovate, preserve and maintain a highly visible structure in West Homestead, resulting in additional jobs, tax revenue and spending in the area. Leverage the economic potential of County-owned properties.

An essay on community corrections and female offenders

It will solve problems and improve outcomes in local corrections; it will enhance outcomes and bolster capacity across the Allegheny County Department of Human Services; it will be an engine for economic development; and it will bring added social and economic benefits to the community at large.

Perhaps the best news for our foundation and donor partners is that, for a relatively small investment, they can secure significant social and economic benefits for our region.FOR JUVENILE OFFENDERS IN OHIO An Examination of Treatment Integrity and Recidivism the effectiveness of Ohio’s community correctional facilities in reducing recidivism, but it also examines whether measures that programs that scored higher on treatment integrity were more effective at reducing recidivism.

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Specifically, community. Over 11, women are incarcerated in California, which is the second largest population of women inmates in the United States, after Texas ().Yet because women constitute only 6% of inmates in California prisons and 11% of parolees within the state, their service needs are often eclipsed by those of the far more numerous male offenders.

An essay example which discusses the problem of managing sex offenders in the society. Described here are the most effective measures to deal with them.

High-Risk Sex Offenders And The Community Essay . Women’s role in corrections was limited: even during the Reform Movement, which lasted from the late nineteenth century until the early twentieth century. Women were only allowed to work in institutions with female offenders. community corrections professionals against institutional correctional officers and finds one group aligning with ―get tough on crime‖ forces and the other with forces favoring offender rehabilitation.

The Role Of The Probation Officer Criminology Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Benekos detected as part of the “get tough”, community corrections was created in return from the “get tough” response and the community protection and the offender control became the primary goal.

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