An essay on voting hilary clinton on the presidential election

Clinton fuels speculation for run Hillary Clinton says she won't think about a run until after midterms. After all, the third time is a charm — or a strikeout, depending on your perspective. Even the Democratic Party, which is in so much disarray it resembles a malfunctioning compass with its lack of direction, can see Clinton has overstayed her welcome. That is until she accidentally on purpose put it into the mix over the weekend.

An essay on voting hilary clinton on the presidential election

A longtime aide to Hillary Clinton hinted that while it's unlikely, it's not impossible that the United States gets a rematch election in Yes, there seems to be an ever-so-slight chance President Donald Trump could see a familiar foe come his bid for re-election.

The former secretary of state has remained in the public eye after her shocking election loss to Trump, and she's set to soon embark on a speaking tour with her husband, Bill Clinton, the former president. Her future could be appearing at rallies and, importantly, fundraising for Democrats.

Or it could be something else. Reines, who worked closely with Clinton for many years, suggested she should be mentioned in the same breath as top potential candidates. She's younger than Joe Biden by four years.

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Is it lack of support? She had 65 million people vote for her. Still, Reines admitted it wasn't all that likely Clinton would run for a second time against Trump—who, of course, defeated her in despite Clinton winning the popular vote.

Here's what he said to Politico when asked if she's running.

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A longtime Clinton aide suggested a run was not percent off the table. Most, if not all, polls have shown former Vice President Joe Biden as the top candidate for the Democratic nomination. But Clinton does appear to have decent levels of support in surveys that have included her. Sanders, who lost the nomination to Clinton inwas third, with 16 percent support.

TV about the poll at the time.Clinton vs. Obama Essay - The goal of this essay is to persuade my audience to think of how their vote will effect the survival of Democracy, and the future of our country.

The film begins with a narration that took place approximately ten days before the presidential election, Andrew Cooper, a reporter from New Zealand, is approached. Jul 26,  · The bottom line is that the candidate with over electoral votes on Election Day will become the next President of the United States.

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I know voting for Hillary Clinton is going to be tough. Are you not sure who to vote for this coming election for ?

An essay on voting hilary clinton on the presidential election

Look no further, I have the perfect candidate for you! Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, should be our first female, democratic president for Hillary Clinton has changed her mind too much in very big ways. Who once was a republican is now a democrat. Clinton is not the only person to supposedly win the popular vote but lose the White House because of the Electoral College.

She’s actually the fifth person. In , Andrew Jackson won the popular vote and he won the majority of Electoral College votes but John Quincy Adams ended up as president. Tags United States presidential election Republican Party Democratic Party Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Donald Trump Election fraud rigged election voting machines Polling View the.

Presidential Election: The Candidates and Where They Stand on the Issues At you and millions of others readers can get reliable, sourced information about where each presidential candidate stands on important issues.

Hillary Clinton Longtime Aide Says There’s a ‘Not Zero’ Chance of Run Against Donald Trump