Assurance dissertation in nursing quality

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Assurance dissertation in nursing quality

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The discussions in the chapters that follow presume understanding of these concepts. Characteristics of the Residents According to the National Nursing Home Survey, 70 percent of nursing home residents were 75 years of age or older, about 70 percent were women, only 12 percent had a living spouse, and they had a wide range of physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities.

Nursing home residents differ in their social circum- stances compared with noninstitutionalized persons of the same age group. Thirteen percent of residents had no visitors in the course of a year, but about 62 percent had visits from family or others on a daily or weekly basis.

Assurance dissertation in nursing quality

Nursing home residents are disproportionately single, widowed, and childless, and they are poorer than the elderly population in general. The largest group, the "long stayers," consists of those who are no longer able to live outside of institutions and who generally reside in the nursing home for many months or years, often until they die.

The second group, the "short stayers," generally comes from hospitals and will be discharged home or will die in a fairly short period of time. Many of the "short stayers" require intensive nursing and rehabilitative services. For these, the goal of nursing home care is rehabilitation and discharge home.

Some are rehabilitated and discharged; some die either in the nursing home or shortly after discharge. In a special study commissioned by the committee, longitudinal data derived from monthly assessments of all residents in nursing homes in 11 states and the District of Columbia were analyzed.

That is, a substantial proportion of persons admitted to the nursing homes stayed for a relatively short period of time. But those who remain in the homes for long stays account for most of the resident bed-days.

Assurance dissertation in nursing quality

About 70 percent of all residents in bed on a particular day in all of these nursing homes were still alive and in the same nursing home 18 months later.

On the basis of standard assessments of all residents and a standard way of estimating nursing time required per day, the residents on any day in this set of nursing homes fell into three broad categories: The Care Setting Nursing home care is both a treatment and a living situation.

It encompasses both the health care and social support services provided to individuals with chronic conditions or disabilities and the environment in which they live.


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Overall, this thesis generated more questions than it answered. Despite this feature, it made three key contributions to the field of healthcare QI. First, this thesis represents the most thorough comparative analysis of hospital performance on QI and was able to identify four .

Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. doi: / In the nursing home industry, the main reliance has been on government regulation, but a significant responsibility for quality assurance rests on the nursing homes themselves.

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Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission. Learning Plan. Instructions: Gather materials related to the assessment of your practice. For work sheets , gather any feedback you • Nursing research project such as summary of findings, thesis, dissertation, abstract, or granting agency summary.

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