Attributes of a project

He or she is someone who prevents work from getting done, who creates an atmosphere of fear and anger and who hogs all the glory on top of it. You might think that these descriptions have nothing to do with you, but the truth is that being a project manager can lead you straight into one of these tropes very, very easily. Anger Every Day Being a project manager is stressful.

Attributes of a project

Next Page Introduction Every project delivers something at the end of the project execution. When it comes to the project initiation, the project management and the client collaboratively define the objectives and the deliveries of the project together with the completion timelines.

During the project execution, there are a number of project deliveries made. All these deliveries should adhere to certain quality standards industry standards as well as specific client requirements.

Attributes of a project

Therefore, each of these deliveries should be validated and verified before Attributes of a project to the client.

For that, there should be a quality assurance function, which runs from start to the end of the project. When it comes to the quality, not only the quality of the deliveries that matter the most.

The processes or activities that produce deliverables should also adhere to certain quality guidelines as well. As a principle, if the processes and activities that produce the deliverables do not adhere to their own quality standards process quality standardsthen there is a high probability that deliverables not meeting the delivery quality standards.

To address all the quality requirements, standards and quality assurance mechanisms in a project, a document called 'project quality plan' is developed by the project team. This plan acts as the quality bible for the project and all the stakeholders of the project should adhere to the project quality plan.

The Components of a Project Quality Plan Depending on the nature of the industry and the nature of the project, the components or the areas addressed by a quality plan may vary. However, there are some components that can be found in any type of quality plan.

Let's have a look at the most essential attributes of a project quality plan. Responsibility of Management This describes how the management is responsible for achieving the project quality.

Since management is the controlling and monitoring function for the project, project quality is mainly a management responsibility.

Attributes of a project

Document Management and Control Documents are the main method of communication in project management. Documents are used for communication between the team members, project management, senior management and the client.

Therefore, the project quality plan should describe a way to manage and control the documents used in the project. Usually, there can be a common documentation repository with controlled access in order to store and retrieve the documents.

Requirements Scope The correct requirements to be implemented are listed here. This is an abstraction of the requirements sign-off document. Having requirements noted in the project quality plan helps the quality assurance team to correctly validate them.

This way, quality assurance function knows what exactly to test and what exactly to leave out from the scope. Testing the requirements that are not in the scope may be a waste for the service provider. Design Control This specifies the controls and procedures used for the design phase of the project.

Usually, there should be design reviews in order to analyse the correctness of the proposed technical design. For fruitful design reviews, senior designers or the architects of the respective domain should get involved. Once the designs are reviewed and agreed, they are signed-off with the client.

With the time, the client may come up with changes to the requirements or new requirements. In such cases, design may be changed. Every time the design changes, the changes should be reviewed and signed-off. Development Control and Rigor Once the construction of the project starts, all the processes, procedures and activities should be closely monitored and measured.

By this type of control, the project management can make sure that the project is progressing in the correct path. Testing and Quality Assurance This component of the project quality plan takes precedence over other components.Project attributes are displayed in the system according to their position in the System→Custom Attributes list.

Update their order by following the steps below: Prerequisites: The user has the system Super User permission. Steps: Click System→Custom Attributes.

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The following table shows how Project attributes are defined and used for scheduling manually and automatically scheduled tasks. item.

Career Corner: Attributes Of An Exceptional Project Manager

Manually Scheduled. Automatically Scheduled. Duration. Can be number, date, or text information, such as "14d" or "fortnight". Not used by Project to help schedule the project if value is not in a recognizable.

10 Attributes of an Effective Project Manager. Effective project management entails having the following attributes that are essential in becoming an effective project manager: 1.

Effective communication skills. One of the qualities of a good manager is being a good communicator so that he can connect with people at all levels. The project. 8 Attributes That Top-Notch eLearning Project Managers Possess. eLearning Project Managers wear a lot of hats. Not only do they act as liaisons between the client and fellow collaborators but they also delegate tasks, manage resources, and keep track of the eLearning course development timeline.

The most successful project managers are those who can persistently deliver on time and within budget, with projects that match or exceed stakeholders’ expectations and who can effectively oversee a project from beginning to end.

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