Business plan for a lemonade stand

Do you need a sample lemonade stand business plan template to make your venture a success? If YES, then I advice you read on. They lost their father at very tender ages of 4 and 7 and had to be raised by their mother who was a full-time house wife at the time. Need I say that life was tough for them?

Business plan for a lemonade stand

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The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies directly addresses the complex relationship between brothers and sisters, as well as how arguments can spiral out of control when people quit communicating with one another.

As the story opens, Evan Treski has a problem that involves his sister. Evan is certain that her presence will cramp his style. Jessie, his sister, finds Evan and tries to get him to play a game with her. He ends up screaming at her: It is a note stating that both Evan and Jessie will be in the same class at school.

Evan is now convinced that is life is truly over. Understanding how upset this has made her brother, Jessie tries to make things better by offering to help him do the sorts of activities that he likes.

Evan refuses to be consoled. Later, she discovers Evan and Scott Spencer constructing a lemonade stand. But, just the opposite occurs. At dinner that night brother and sister have a huge argument in which they both taunt each other and promise to sell more lemonade by the time school starts.

The next day Evan invites three of his friends over and puts a large Keep Out sign on the garage door. When Jessie goes over to meet up with Megan she sees that another girl, Carly, is there.

Both of the girls are a year older and they seem to look down their noses at Jessie. Jessie is afraid that the girls are going to be mean to her like some of the girls in her class the past year who had formed the WHJ club We Hate Jessie. Evan decides that in order to beat Jessie he needs to make at least fifty dollars.

In order to do this he has to find a better location.

business plan for a lemonade stand

He ends up going to the town center and setting up the stand there, but after a short while a police officer makes him take everything down and go home because it is illegal to sell lemonade there without a license. Meanwhile Jessie and Megan are having issues of their own. Doing some math she determines that what they need to do is franchise their lemonade stands.

Determined, and with other girls offering to work a franchise stand in each of their neighborhoods, soon Jessie has brought in a lot more money. She realizes that he is ahead of her.

Upset at his earlier words, that he hated hershe determines to do anything it takes to win. When the boys leave to go make their lemonade stand sign, Jessie sneaks into the garage where they have their lemonade and she dumps flies into the coolers.

Then she throws in dirt, just for good measure. They pull the cover off of the cooler and his mother shuts down his operation. On his walk home he begins to put two and two together.

He figures out that his sister is responsible for the polluted lemonade. Angered he finds her money box and takes all of her lemonade stand earnings. He doesn't plan to keep it, but plans to give it back after the contest is over.

She is not willing to call it a tie and asks him what his final total is. Both brother and sister talk openly about why they were so mean to each other. In the end, both Evan and Jessie have learned that working together is better than working against one another.

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