Characters mrs emenike in vengeful creditor story

As an author, Achebe uses the power of English words to expose, unite, and reveal various aspects of Nigerian culture. His subjects are both literary and political. He focuses on the difficulty faced by Africans who were once under the rule of British colonials but later had to struggle with issues of democracy, the evils of military rule, civil war, tribal rivalries, and dictatorship. His works do more, however, than entertain; they reveal truths about human nature and show the destruction of power corrupted.

Characters mrs emenike in vengeful creditor story

Nwibeappears in The Madman Nwibe is a pillar of his community with two wives who are forever at each other's throats. At the beginning of The Madman, approaches the ozo men of his village with a proposal that he should be admitted into their hierarchy.


They tell him they must wait to see now his fortunes progress. Nwibe knows that he will follow up on his business plans. On Eke day, Nwibe goes to collect water from a nearby stream. He removes his cloth and wades out into the water naked. A madman from the village happens upon the naked Nwibe.

He begins to mock Nwibe, who once threw him from the market.

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The madman steals Nwibe's cloth, and Nwibe runs to pursue the madman. As he runs nude down the road, onlookers think Nwibe is mad. Nwibe follows the madman into the sacred market,where two of his friends subdue him.

Characters mrs emenike in vengeful creditor story

Nwibe's defilement of the market draws curses from others, and he is grief-stricken and refuses to speak. Two doctors are consulted end eventually Nwibe speaks, but he lives from then on in the shadow of his supposed madness. Two years later, he returns to the ozo men who politely reject his request to join them.

Roof's primary job is to approach the leaders of tribes and pay them to throw their support behind Ibe. The night before the election, however, an adviser to Ine's main opponent comes to Roof and offers him a substantial sum of money to vote against Ibe.

Roof tells the adviser that Ibe is sure to win, regardless. Still the advisor prods him. After thinking for a time, Roof accepts the money and swears on an iyi to vote for Ibe's opponent. The next day, Roof goes to the voting booth and freezes.

Eventually, he tears his ballot and puts one half in either box. Separated from his strict father, Nnaemeka decides to marry his beloved Nene. He knows that his father will not approve of the courtship since he did not arrange it.

One day, Nnaemeka returns home and sits with his father under a tree. He tells his father that he intends to marry Nene. His father is shocked that his son wants to marry for love and declares that he will never meet his son's betrothed.

For years later, the separation continues. Nnaemeka sends a wedding photo to his father, and his father sends the section with Nene back. Nene is deeply hurt by this, but Nnaemeka continues to try to change his father's mind.

Eight years after their wedding, Nnaemeka and Nene have a child, and Nnaemeka sends word to his father.

Nnaemeka's Fatherappears in Marriage Is a Private Affair Nnaemeka's father is a traditional Nigerian man who believes that marriage should be an arrangement within a tribe, and the girl should be verified by the groom's parent.

One day, his son Nnaemeka returns home and sits with his father under a tree. Nnaemeka tells his father that he intends to marry a woman of his choosing in Lagos.

Nnaemeka's father is scandalized, and declares that he will never meet his son's betrothed. Later, Nnaemeka's father sits with his fellow elders, who believe he should give Nnaemeka herbs to cure his madness.

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The father refuses, saying he will never see his son again.Characters Mrs Emenike In Vengeful Creditor Story Striving to have a better life has always been seen as a determination for many people and in “ Vengeful Creditor ” by Chinua Achebe it . Chinua Achebe's novel 'Vengeful Creditor' is a story about the central character's desire to pursue education at the expense of a life.

When the novel opens, Mr. and Mrs. Emenike are a wealthy African couple who hires Veronica to take care of their child. "Vengeful Creditor" characters (12) 1) Mrs. and Mr. Emenike and their 3 girls and 1 boy 2) Veronica and Martha and baby Mary 3) Minister of Finance 4) Minister of Education 5) .

Set in an unnamed independent African country, “Vengeful Creditor” opens as Mrs. Emenike, an educated and well-to-do African woman, is checking out of the supermarket. The account brims with such evidence of concretely observed details that it seems safe to assume that the story’s characters, especially Martha, had living prototypes.

A Study Guide for Chinua Achebe's "Vengeful Creditor" (Short Stories for Students) Kindle Edition. Achebe’s “Vengeful Creditor” is a story that seems to be about what a misconceived government decree guaranteeing free education to all can lead to, including some rather comic developments.

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