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Cheating culture canon

A hard-hitting work of social criticism that delineates some reasons for the ethical disarray in the United States.

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He is the author of five previous books. Inhe cofounded Demos, a public policy center based in New York City that combines research and advocacy, working to strengthen democracy and expand economic opportunity in the United States. The Cheating Culture is a welcome and much-needed work of social criticism that takes a hard look at a troubling phenomenon.

The epidemic of cheating covers all segments of society and is a sign of the moral rot at the heart of American culture.

Cheating culture canon

Here are some examples: Quite a number of diverse factors have seeded this epidemic and he pins down a few of them: It thrives where government is a weak captive of wealthy interests and lacks the will to do justice impartially.

It thrives where money and success are king and winners are fawned over whatever their daily abuses of power. This economic inequality has brought about startling changes in our society.

The rich and the powerful have used their wealth to turn things their way in Washington, D. Certainly the old ideals of civic togetherness have been set aside with the increase of gated communities, exclusive restaurants, private golf clubs, and chartered jets. Much of the new cheating, according to the author, is now among those with the highest income and social status: This hubris is only partly founded on the kind of delusions made possible by a culture that imputes moral superiority to those who achieve material success.

In short, the Winning Class has every reason to imagine that they live in a moral community of their own making governed by different rules.

For example, in polls people talk about their fears of being ripped off or misled or cheated by others. And the gap between the rich and the poor has created distrust on both sides.

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The author also assesses what experts on academic dishonesty call the "cheating effect" whereby people rationalize the need to cheat by saying that everybody does it.

This slippery slope leads to widespread dishonesty justified in the name of getting ahead or becoming a winner. Callahan calls for a new social contract in America that gives people some clear guidelines: Everyone has some say in how the rules get made.

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Cheating culture canon

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