Energy drink dangers essay writer

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Energy drink dangers essay writer

The Environment Since energy drinks came on the market in the late 's, they've been "all the rage. With the added vitamins and natural ingredients contained within, they can't be that bad, right?

Though I have been against these drinks from the beginning I am still amazed at some of the things I found out. In my research, I found that energy drinks are actually classified by the U.

I think the biggest appeal of energy drinks is the high content of caffeine. For instance, one 8. The high content of caffeine is why there are risks involved in drinking them.

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College writing guides Why energy drinks should be banned Essay - Paper Example Why energy drinks should be banned Essay The subject of energy drinks being allowed for childs is a immense argument - Why energy drinks should be banned Essay introduction. Energy drinks are said to assist give you energy for you long yearss.
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People tend to drink caffeine to wake up and keep going. I am told energy drinks will definitely give you a rush but people need to think of the bad effects consuming lots of caffeine cause. I drink coffee so I know caffeine can become habit forming. I also know people can become tolerant to different levels and might have to drink more to get the effect they want.

Surveys have reported some teens drinking energy drinks in the U. Even I know this high caffeine consumption can lead to severe problems. The same article I read states: This is disturbing considering the ages of people in the reports I read. I know most manufacturers of energy drinks focus on the younger crowd but I am surprised at how young some consumers are.Energy drink dangers essay writer.

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energy drink dangers essay writer

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An Analysis of the Description of the Mass Appeal of Energy Drinks to Students. words. 1 page. Energy Drinks: History and Risks.

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words. 2 pages. A Study of the Effects of Energy Drinks on Physical and Mental Fitness of the Human Body. staff pick. Investigative Essay on Energy Drinks Energy drinks is a trend now.

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Peoples are very commonly used these drinks to get energy which increases number of emergencies (Appleton, , pp. ). Energy drinks due to its bad impact on human health also .

Jun 23,  · Energy drink-related emergency department visits have skyrocketed, nearly doubling between and , according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Dawn Report. The Speed Stack Energy Drink has a whopping milligrams of caffeine per fluid-ounce bottle, according to Although it is a product of American Body Building, it is still.

Energy drinks may seem to give you a jolt of energy, but that are in fact very harmful to your body. Consumed in large quantities, health experts say, the drinks can cause nervousness, irritability, increased blood pressure, insomnia and when mixed with alcohol, especially whisky, they could lead to strokes.

Energy drink dangers essay writing