How to overwrite a file in java file writer writeln

Recently, I had to add this feature to some software, so I thought I'd quickly review the process for those who missed it the first time.

How to overwrite a file in java file writer writeln

In the blog, I wrote some helper methods to locate XML elements and return their values in a less verbose way. This proved to be one of my most popular blog entries to date. However, one reader commented that it would be nice to add helper methods to easily create or modify XML, not just parse it.

This blog is the answer to that request. I've added two new helper methods to the code I presented last time: If it's not found, the method returns without doing anything. Otherwise it locates the node's text value child node, sets that child node's value to the new value, and returns.

Pretty straightforward but somewhat verbose, and definitely not something you want to repeat all over your code.

how to overwrite a file in java file writer writeln

As a result, this helper method comes in handy. Any existing Node or Element can provide this via a call to getOwnerDocument. Next, we create a generic Element object with the element tag name provided.

Files.exists() and Files.notExists() methods

Then, we create a specific Text Node with the value provided, and append it to the new Element created prior. Finally, the Element with its child Text Node is added as a child to the parent Node provided, and our work is done. Using the Methods In my previous blog, I presented code that simply parsed the XML and read the values of some tags, as such: I won't go into detail here as this is all explained in the previous blog.

Instead, let's modify the value of the "street" tag, assuming the company moved: Very simple and one line of code for changes made to the XML. To do so, you need to serialize the Document as shown in this abbreviated sample code that loads an XML document, modifies it, and then saves it back to disk: Next, set the formatting to maintain indentation.

To preserve the original XML file, a new filename is created.

how to overwrite a file in java file writer writeln

Finally, the Xerces XMLSerializer is used to write the contents of the Document to a new file with the given filename. Of course, you can alternatively provide the previous file to overwrite it. This blog, combined with the previous one I wrote, makes it much easier to perform common operations when parsing and modifying your XML files.

I hope you find it useful.Dec 31,  · help naman po could someone help me on how to use the java file reader and writer here is my problem after the file has save, i would like to overwrite it(ma-isave mo ulit dun sa file ung data) but i dont know how the code will flow.

This file describes where the ashio-midori.comties file ' can be found, and whether Java should run without it. sFileName = sWinDir & sPropFolder & "\" ' Overwrite any existing file Set objTextFile = ashio-midori.comxtFile (sFileName, ForWriting, True) ' Write the configuration settings ashio-midori.comine(" Apr 20,  · More discussions in New To Java.

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Apr 20, 10 How to overwrite a File? Apr 20, AM (in response to ). Oct 09,  · How do i write to an existing file (in Java) without overwriting the current data? It's for a project, but i need to know how to write to an existing file (in Java) without erasing the data currently in the existing Resolved.

Read / Write CSV file in Java. by Viral Patel · November 1, If you want to work with Comma-separated Files (CSV) in Java, here’s a quick API for you.

The first argument is the ResultSet which you want to write to CSV file. And the second argument is boolean which represents whether you want to write header columns (table column. WriteLine(Single) WriteLine(Single) WriteLine(Single) WriteLine(Single) Writes the text representation of a 4-byte floating-point value followed by a line terminator to the text string or stream.

How to: Write Text to a File. WriteLine(String, Object, Object).

FileWriter (Java Platform SE 7 )