M anaging conflict essay

Abstract As the increasing growth of new generation and the deterioration of old generations are occurring currently in companies and organizations in all industries. Leaders and executives will witness the changes of policies and corporate cultures as a whole. However, as companies gradually and slowing changes their corporate ways; the issues of the article will discuss the generational conflicts in workplace as the new and the old will collide.

M anaging conflict essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This trend first has been completely appreciated in the practice of multination corporations MNCs.

For MNCs the difference in geographical spread meant that MNCs should normally engage in a number of HR and organizational behavior activities that were not needed in domestic firms — such as providing relocation and orientation assistance to expatriates, administering international job rotation programs, dealing with international union activity, managing multicultural and virtual groups, etc.

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Managing the diversity generated a number of coordination and communication problems that had not arisen in domestic firms, and simultaneously fostered specific methods designed for the resolutions of diversity related problems, including conflict management, particularly in conflicts caused by employees coming from different cultural backgrounds.

There is already an extensive literature on cross-cultural management, and as the importance of the global economy increases and trade barriers begin to disappear, whether in Asia, the Americas or Europe, this literature will surely grow.

M anaging conflict essay, as this literature suggests attempting to resolve the resulting conflicts by using only traditional methods of western management such as compromising, forcing, persuading, problem solving, etc. Practically, as Adler et al points out, management should make use of the advantages of cultural diversity rather than see it as a negative impediment Adler et al.

In turbulent and globalizing business environment, contemporary managers in their roles need to positively manage the inevitable group conflicts. By anticipating the source of conflict as well as its causes, they may use conflict to produce new ideas and optimum solutions. Depending on how parties react to conflict it may not be harmful, indeed, it presents opportunities for situations to be driven forward effectively, particularly in business contexts.

According to Thomas the structural model of organizational conflict identifies the parameters that shape the conflict episode.

M anaging conflict essay

Looking at the issue of conflict as well as group development, one can see that in almost every aspect culture can have a major impact on how conflict is perceived and responded to.

For instance, trust in a multi-cultural task group is difficult to develop.

OTB - Conflicts in Organizations | Essay Example

Research indicates that group members tend to adhere to other group members of their own culture rather than to those of other cultures. If there is no communication among members, a trusting relationship is difficult to develop. Moreover, mistrust precipitates a condition for conflict.

For example, Japanese managers in the US and Arabic countries tend to interact among themselves, make decisions with consultation of Tokyo rather than local management, are reluctant to respond with definite answers, and frustrate the foreign workers Elashmawi, At the same time, even though members of a task group have to communicate, cross-cultural communication problems occur.

First, cross-cultural misperception means that our perceptual patterns are selective, learned, culturally determined, consistent and inaccurate because we usually perceive what we expect to perceive.

Second, cross-cultural misinterpretation means that we categorize situations from our own countries perspective and apply it to other countries.

In addition, we categorize behavioral norms of ethnic and national groups, which is called stereotyping.

OTB - Conflicts in Organizations | Essay Example

Third, cross-cultural misevaluation which means that we use our own culture as a standard of measurement or a self reference criteria to judge another culture as good and normal, if it is similar to our culture, and as bad and abnormal, if it is dissimilar.

There are four elements that need to be explored to explain this relationship: The value placed on smooth interpersonal relationships would make it very difficult and highly unlikely to surface conflicts and deal with them in team building sessions.

Differences will be dealt with and problem solved through the informal network, which is powerful in maintaining harmony and dealing with conflict simultaneously.

Many other cultures do not see things that way. Social status, family connections, gender, seniority, and age have a powerful impact. This has an impact on the expectations of team members who have been differently acculturated.

For example, some will not report to women. What is needed in situations like these are clear boundaries and expectations.

While it is important to be sensitive to different upbringing and norms, there are also situations where it is not possible to bend because it will create team norms that cannot be supported nor reinforced.OTB – Conflicts in Organizations Essay Sample.

Contemporary business world witnesses the changing of the workforce’s composition. This trend first has been completely appreciated in the practice of multination corporations (MNCs). M anaging conflict in the workplace is a time-consum-ing but necessary task for the physician leader.

OTB – Conflicts in Organizations Essay Sample

Con- flicts may exist between physicians, between physicians and staff, and between the staff or the health care team and the patient or patient’s family. CREATIVE APPROACHES TO MANAGING CONFLICT IN AFRICA Findings from USIP-Funded Projects Edited by David R.

Smock UNITED STATES INSTITUTE OF PEACE. Aug 18,  · Interpersonal Relationships Essay; Interpersonal Relationships Essay Role of InterpersonalRelationship on m anaging the dem and & supply gap in case of O rgan donation Interpersonal RelationshipAn interpersonal relationship is the nature of interaction that occurs between two or more people.

Essay about Conflict in Interpersonal. OTB – Conflicts in Organizations Essay Sample. Contemporary business world witnesses the changing of the workforce’s composition.

This trend first has been completely appreciated in the practice of multination corporations (MNCs). M anaging conflict is an arduous but neces-sary task.

Conflict may be a prime mover for opportunity or it may precipitate anxi-ety, uncertainty, and stress. Many authors agree that conflict is inevitably present in social, industrial, educational, government, and religious organiza-.

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