Massie rape case

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Massie rape case

Her marriage to Major Granville "Rolly" Fortescue, an out-of-wedlock [1] son of Robert Barnwell Rooseveltdid not leave her as financially successful as she would have wished, but she nevertheless kept up appearances and raised her daughter, Thalia, with an American upper class lifestyle.

InMassie was stationed at Pearl Harborwhere Thalia considered herself "above" the rest of the officers' wives and soon became an outcast. The marriage, apparently not terribly successful to start with, degenerated into heavy drinking and public fights.

Thalia had another argument which ended with her slapping an officer and then storming out.


Massie, not having witnessed the event, assumed she was tired and had gone home. Territory of Hawaii v. Ben Ahakuelo et al. Massie returned home and heard from Thalia that while walking home she had been assaulted by several men. Over Thalia's objections, [2] Massie immediately phoned the police, who arrived to take her statement.

Initially she could not provide any details at all, stating that it was too dark to identify any of the men or to see any details of the car they emerged from.

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Thalia now not only described the assailants as "locals", but gave police a license plate number. Within hours the police arrested Horace Ida.

Ida was not entirely surprised at first, as only a few hours earlier he had been involved in a near collision while driving his sister's car. Although there was no damage, an argument broke out with the other driver and one of his friends, boxer Joseph Kahahawai, slugged the woman.

Upon his arrival at the police station, the charges with the altercation were never brought up—instead he found to his dismay that he was being charged with rape. At first glance, the story seemed to hold water. Thalia's license plate was off by only one digit or letter and her description of the men, Ida and his friends, was fairly accurate.

However, it later became known that the police taking Thalia's statement had in fact "told her" both pieces of information, apparently after hearing the name and description from the initial complaint filed by the woman driver.

Riccio offers the following account of the incident involving Horace Ida: M, Horace suggested they call it a night.

Massie rape case

He and his friends piled into the car and left the luau. As the car passed through an intersection in downtown Honolulu, Horace barely missed colliding with an automobile coming from the opposite direction.

There was no contact between the two cars, but both drivers stopped and everyone piled out to argue the fine points of Hawaiian motor vehicle law.

The occupants of the other car were a Mr. Peeples was voicing her opinion of Horace Ida's driving skills when Big Joe Kahahawai all six feet and more of him hauled off and punched her in the face.

Massie rape case

Peeples was equal to the challenge. She gave as good as she got. She clenched her fist, wound up, and to Big Joe's surprise, slugged him in the mouth! The incident was about to become a donnybrook.Many school districts have received complaints about Angelou's work because it contains a rape scene and because some perceive it as “anti-white.”.

Free Essay: Cynthia Garcia Mr. Topolinski / 3rd period 4/19/13 Massie Rape Case On one night in September Mrs. Thalia Massie the wife of Lt. Thomas H. News > Long Reads Paradise lost: Hawaii's scandalous Thalia Massie trial.

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Topolinski / 3rd period 4/19/13 Massie Rape Case On one night in September Mrs. Thalia Massie the wife of Lt. Thomas H. Massie was found badly beaten and wandering about on Ala Moana Road.

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