Organizational metaphor studies essay

Literary and linguistic branches[ edit ] Systemic functional linguistics[ edit ] Main article: Systemic functional linguistics Systemic functional linguistics scholars believe that language is organized within cultures based on cultural ideologies.

Organizational metaphor studies essay

This study serves to help synthesize the material covered in the course. It should bring the essence of the lectures and readings of the course. The following are general instructions for completing the project.

Each way provides a lens that highlights different aspects of organization. These ways of viewing, or metaphors, should be explored in depth within the analysis.

The purpose of this case study is to create an opportunity to apply the ideas and concepts discussed in class and the readings in the analysis of a real organizational situation.

The situation may be drawn from your own experience or from some public event on which information is readily available in newspapers, reports, etc. Your choice of organization and situation will be an important one, and will call for considerable judgment and discretion on your part in deciding whether it is feasible to use it for the purposes of the case study.

Confidentiality and the general conduct of the project are entirely your responsibility, so proceed with caution and ethical care.

You will find a Turnitin link under Assignments in Blackboard for your case study. In essence, the case study invites you to do the following: Consider the metaphors, images, concepts and general ideas discussed in class.

Choose at least six of the metaphors to apply to your organization to help to make sense of the situation being described. Successful organizational analysis rests in an ability to examine any given organizational situation so that its fundamental characteristics are made clear. It is not simply a question of spotting problems and applying appropriate solutions.

Rather, it hinges on questions such as: Elements of the Case Study a Brief Summary: Introduction to Your Organization A brief account of the situation being investigated, providing sufficient information for the reader to understand the nature of the organization and its context.

This section should include relevant background information as well as a clear statement of the focus of your case study. For example, it is appropriate to provide information on the age, size, and history of the organization, the product or services it provides, and the general nature of its environment.

The purpose of this is to orient the reader, so that he or she can acquire an understanding of the industry or sector with which you are dealing, and the general trends it is facing.

Organizational metaphor studies essay

Following a general introduction, you should focus in on the specific situation of the organization that demands—or did demand— attention. Here explain and demonstrate your thorough understanding of the metaphors. Present the organization in terms of the six metaphors, applying these to bring out the critical issues and challenges of the situation.

Demonstrate your understanding of the metaphors and their relevance to the case if you find that they do not appear relevant, choose other metaphors.

If you cannot find six that are relevant you should choose a different focal organization! The different metaphors that we discuss in class fit different situations.

This will call upon your ability to use your information and judge its significance. For example, you may find that your case is best understood as a situation of organizational politics, one of classic bureaucracy, or one that is best understood in terms of the inability of the organization to adapt to its environment.

You cannot make this judgment too early in the course—you will have to wait until you have finished the preliminary analysis. If you are successful in this final stage of the project, you will find that you have a much deeper understanding of the situation studied than you did at the beginning of the course.

Your task in writing the final report is to communicate this understanding to the reader. Here you can synthesize but go beyond the metaphors. The report should be approximately ten to twelve double-spaced pages approximately words.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Society Against Itself: Political Correctness and Organizational Self-Destruction at Read honest .

Organizational metaphors can determine how we think about organizations and affect how we work and make decisions. Morgan () has explored and developed the art of reading organizations and letting us comprehend the conflict and complexity of the organization. Organizational Metaphor Studies Essay Sample.

Machine metaphor. This is mind that is in order for example engineers and in terms of business processes reengineering. HAROLD ITKIN –MIKLÓS NAGY 37 THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL USE OF METAPHORS IN ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND BEYOND HAROLD ITKIN –MIKLÓS NAGY THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL USE OF METAPHORS IN ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND BEYOND Metaphors are useful and powerful communication devices used in our daily conversation and.

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Organizational metaphor studies essay

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Organizational Metaphor Studies | Essay Example