Plan of activities

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Plan of activities

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Here are recommendations and guiding principles for writing six-month or one-year work plans. This document is written in the context of participatory management. You need to set up an environment where staff and managers can work together to produce the work plan.

The best timing for preparing a work plan is within a few days following a review. Most importantly, the plan should be printed and circulated among all the participants within a few days of being made.

Transparency is vital to participatory management. In many ways, a work plan resembles a proposal, except that the overall budget may be already approved, or is conditional on the work plan.

As in all planning, whether as a group process or not, you should 1 think backwards, starting with where you want to be at the end of the period, and generate the steps needed to get there from where you are now, and 2 review the four key questions of management and use that as a skeleton for your discussions and thinking.

A work plan is a tool for planning during a specific period of time 6 or 12 months that identifies the problems to be solved, and ways to solve them. It is a standard management tool. When staff participate in management, they need to learn what it is.

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In setting up an environment for staff to participate in making a plan, you also set up a learning process. This introduction includes two parts: Who can use this document; and What work plans are NOT.

Who Can Use this Document: This set of guidelines is aimed coordinators and managers for working with their staff or clients.

The writing of work plans is not specifically unique, however, and the advice contained herein is useful for all planners, managers, and implementors, of governmental ministries, NGOs and private sector organizations.

If you involve staff in generating or designing a plan, then this document can be given to them to assist them in learning things needed to make management a participatory process.

The plan is the guide for the organization, and when staff participate in preparing it, they are more likely to "own" it and use it during implementation. From the beginning, it is important to get rid of two assumptions about work plans: Many managers are disappointed when their work plans are rejected when they have made these incorrect assumptions.

Many funding agencies and many executing agencies require a work plan in order to justify the release of funds for the period in question. Because of this, many managers incorrectly assume that the budget is the centre or only element of the work plan.

The budget is necessary, or course, but every item on the budget needs to be justified. That justification is the text of the work plan itself while the budget is best included as an appendix to the work plan which is the subject of this document.

The second incorrect assumption is that a schedule is a work plan. A coordinator may struggle to prepare a schedule, listing the tasks to be done, day by day, for the period in question.

Plan of activities

While a schedule is useful, of course, it is not a work plan ie it does not state what objectives and outputs are to be achieved, or how, or why. Furthermore, although a schedule can be a desired list of day by day activities, in the real world such precise lists can not be followed.

Other urgent tasks come up, unexpected visitors eg donors or distant VIPs may show up, planned meetings may have to be rescheduled as the other parties may have unexpected tasks or visitors, and on and on.

Rather than a rigid schedule, this document recommends that each of the outputs or objectives have a time period within which the completion date may be expected, which is an organic and flexible approach rather than the mechanical approach to preparing a schedule.Event and Activity Plan If you are planning an event or activity that includes special considerations, an overnight stay, or travel outside the local area, complete this .

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