Premise of a research paper

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Premise of a research paper

Home Sherlock Holmes vs the Da Vinci Code Since his inception in Detective FictionSherlock Holmes could arguably be considered the archetype that influenced all subsequent fictional detectives.

Premise of a research paper

Today, his influence is apparent in many works of detective literature, television, and criminal investigation. Novels, such as the Harry Potter series and The Bourne Conspiracy series, to a certain degree, contain detective characteristics comparable to Holmes. The Da Vinci Code is a mystery-detective fiction novel in which its main character, Robert Langdon Tom Hanksis attempting to uncover a conspiracy against the Catholic Church — which was prompted by the death of a French curator.

The similarities and differences between Robert Langdon and Holmes are evident throughout the novel [that] one can conclude that Holmes was a major, if not the sole influence of Robert Langdon. The most singular similarity between Robert Langdon and Sherlock Holmes is their superb deductive reasoning skills.

One of many examples of this occurring can be found in A Study in Scarlett when Holmes and Watson are introduced to one another for the very first time. Langdon, throughout the novel, is constantly deriving a conclusion from either prior knowledge or his ability to link missing pieces of the puzzle together.

He takes the following into consideration: Another similarity between Holmes and Langdon, on a broader scale, is their intelligence. Robert Langdon having been introduced to the crime scene and the puzzle, which he will later realize is an anagram, appears to be stumped.

At this point, in both stories, the two detectives can only establish one absolute fact — the markings and the Fibonacci sequence play a vital role. He further explains to Sophie that the Fibonacci sequence indicates how to decipher the remaining lines of the anagram Brown Although Holmes ultimately solves the puzzle, it is a moot point because two people were shot, one of which passed away.

In comparing Holmes and Langdon, purely as detectives, one is likely going to choose Holmes. In many ways Holmes is the better detective, however based on story of The Dancing Men, Langdon is more skilled in the art of puzzles.

The similarities lie within the context of A Study in Scarlet where Holmes further explains to Watson the description of his trade: They lay all the evidence before me, and I am generally able, by the help of my knowledge of the history of crime, to set them straight.

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The readers are made aware from the very first page that he, Robert Langdon, is in Paris to give a lecture — not solve a mystery. One central difference between these Holmes and Langdon is their trust of women. Unlike Holmes, who has a Victorian distrust of women Belsey ; Langdon rather embraces his female counterpart — Sophie.

Two thousand years ago, we lived in a world of Gods and Goddesses.

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Today, we live in a world solely of Gods. Women in most cultures have been stripped of their spiritual power. The novel touches on questions of how and why this shift occurred…and on what lessons we might learn from it regarding our future. Earlier in the paragraph I stated that Sophie had saved Langdon multiple times.

In the examples cited for the prior sentence, Sophia is able to figure out the puzzle that these highly intelligent men Langdon and Teabing could not. The previous examples all pertained to the men, Langdon and Teabing, simply not knowing the answer to the puzzle to which Sophia did.

However, when Sophia and Langdon are at the bank, Langdon presumed he had solved the mystery of the digit account number. When comparing this to Sherlock Holmes, you can see on many different levels how the two contrast.

Premise of a research paper

Although Holmes makes parallel observations throughout all his cases, it is important to note the second example in particular. The sense of smells is extremely important in the case of Robert Langdon as well.

Although the discovery is not as elaborate and in depth as Holmes, it is an integral component of a much larger puzzle — without it, the case is unable to continue.

The premise of this paper is that the related concepts of governance, New Public Management, and network theory can bring some clarity to the search for theories of policy implementation. English Composition 1 Developing Effective Arguments with Claims, Evidence, and Warrants. There are three major elements to persuasive writing and argumentation: claims, evidence, and warrants. Each is explained below. Claims. Mixed Methods Research •Point of interface: is a point where the two strands are mixed: possible point of interfaces –Data collection: quan or qual results build to the subsequent collection of qual or quan data. –Data analysis: transform one type of data into other type of data and analyze combined data.

Langdon, after learning Sophie has discovered a cruciform key left by her grandfather, is bewildered by the purpose of the key. Whereas the previous similarities ties into the eventual conclusion of the mystery, this similarity pertains to their roles in their respective story.

In the story, Holmes is sought by Helen Stoner — a soon-to-be wife who fears for her life with the recent death of her sister, Julia Doyle Stated previously, Holmes is protecting Helen Stoner from her step-father Dr.

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Grimsby Roylott, who is the complete opposite of what Holmes represents Doyle The only similarity between Holmes and Roylott is they are relatively equal in strength Doyle Where brute strength happened to be the only similarity between Holmes and Roylott, but that is hardly the case with Langdon and Teabing suffered from polio as a child.

Their strengths herein lie within what they study. In other words, both are exceptionally intelligent Brown It can almost be fair to call Langdon and Teabing perfect enemies. Sherlock Holmes could arguably be considered the archetype that influenced all subsequent fictional detectives.

I have discussed similarities and differences from Robert Langdon, a detective fictional character that I have been inspired by Sherlock Holmes.Its central premise is that the use of quan- titative and qualitative approaches in combination provides a better understanding of research problems than either approach alone.

It also is built around a major premise (in this instance, called the Proposition rather than the Thesis Statement). Additionally, there is a definite pattern of organization used in developing the argument.

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