Romeo and juliet critical essay on love

Capulet and Montague appear to be business-men, but all we know for certain is that they hold positions of power in the city, the head of each family operating from their own sizable sky-scraper emblazoned with the family name and glowering at the other over the tops of the other city buildings.

Romeo and juliet critical essay on love

Shakespeare is sympathetic toward Romeo and Juliet, and in attributing their tragedy to fate, rather than to a flaw in their characters, he raises them to heights near perfection, as well as running the risk of creating pathos, not tragedy.

After the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt, Benvolio acts as a

They are both sincere, kind, brave, loyal, virtuous, and desperately in love, and their tragedy is greater because of their innocence. The lines capture in poetry the youthful and simple passion that characterizes the play.

In addition to following the conventional five-part structure of a tragedy, Shakespeare employs his characteristic alternation, from scene to scene, between taking the action forward and retarding it, often with comic relief, to heighten the dramatic impact.

Insofar as Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy, it is a tragedy of fate rather than of a tragic flaw. Although the two lovers have weaknesses, it is not their faults, but their unlucky stars, that destroy them.

The principal theme is that of the tension between the two houses, and all the other oppositions of the play derive from that central one. If, at times, Shakespeare seems to forget the family theme in his lyrical fascination with the lovers, that fact only sets off their suffering all the more poignantly against the background of the senseless and arbitrary strife between the Capulets and Montagues.

For the families, after all, the story has a classically comic ending; their feud is buried with the lovers—which seems to be the intention of the fate that compels the action. The lovers never forget their families; their consciousness of the conflict leads to another central theme in the play, that of identity.

Only when they are in their graves, together, do the two lovers find peace from the persecution of being Capulet and Montague; they are remembered by their first names only, an ironic proof that their story has the beneficial political influence the Prince, who wants the feud to end, wishes.

Likewise, the style of the play alternates between poetic gymnastics and pure and simple lines of deep emotion. The unrhymed iambic pentameter is filled with conceits, puns, and wordplay, presenting both lovers as very well-spoken youngsters. It fortifies the impression the audience has of their spiritual natures, showing their love as an intellectual appreciation of beauty combined with physical passion.

Their first dialogue, for example, is a sonnet divided between them. He is youthful energy seeking an outlet, sensitive appreciation seeking a beautiful object. Mercutio and the friar comment on his fickleness.

He matures more quickly than anyone around him realizes; only the audience understands the process, since Shakespeare makes Romeo introspective and articulate in his monologues. Even in love, however, Romeo does not reject his former romantic ideals.

Juliet, moreover, is realistic as well as romantic. Shakespeare provides his lovers with effective dramatic foils in the characters of Mercutio, the nurse, and the friar.Romeo notes that both he and Paris are victims of fate and describes Paris as: "One writ with me in sour misfortune's book" (V) since Paris experienced an unreciprocated love from Juliet similar to Romeo's unrequited love for Rosaline.

- Critical Analysis of the Opening Extract of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet Baz Luhrmann has used the three presentational devices in a specific way in his film 'Romeo and Juliet'.

Romeo and juliet critical essay on love

The point of this essay is to analyse them in the opening extract. The Theme of Love in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet - The Theme of Love in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet 'Romeo and Juliet' is a play written in the 16th century by William Shakespeare. Romeo And Juliet Critical Analysis essays There are many people to place blame on for the death of Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and juliet critical essay on love

It was a situation where their own impulsiveness played a major role but others meddling in their lives and constant feuding was a huge part of it as well. The feuding of the Capulet&. Romeo and juliet critical essay Start studying romeo is an example during his literary analysis away, text file.

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Suddenly the critical essays at his time critical thinking research papers. One good place to start finding oxymorons in Romeo and Juliet is Romeo's first longer speech in the very first scene.

One example is "brawling love." While it may be true that lover's quarrels can.

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