Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people 3 essay

Agency name involved in safeguarding people and young people Role of the agency in own work setting Identify a risk to children using internet and mobile phones How could you try and keep children and young people safe from your identified risk? Explain how you would deal with the following evidence or concerns, referring to settings procedures where possible.

Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people 3 essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Identify current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding the welfare of children and young people.

All children have the right to be kept safe and looked after. The United Nations Convention on the rights of a child is a treaty that sets out the rights and freedoms of all children in a set of 54 articles.

Two important sections included in the act are: Sets out the responsibilities of L. Requirements include — Services to work more closely, thus forming an integrated service.

The Safeguarding Policy in my setting is laid out to ensure all staff in our school are clear about the actions necessary with regard to a child protection issue. The policy lays out the correct procedure to follow if anybody suspects a child may be the victim of abuse.

The policy names the appointed child protection officers in school, and outlines the procedures that will be taken. This would then be referred to the appropriate agency, who will then take action. Describe the roles of different agencies involved in safeguarding the welfare of children and young people.

Each adult at school has a responsibility to ensure the safety and welfare of all children. There must be a named member of staff to undertake responsibilities in regards to safeguarding children, and also for e-safety.

Key role to safeguard and promote the safety and welfare of a child in need. If found that a child is at risk, social workers will: Each force has a child abuse investigation unit.

Roles and responsibilities include: Every school must have at least one fully qualified first aider.

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In my setting, every member of staff has an emergency first-aid in school certificate, myself included. If a child suffers a minor injury, these can normally be dealt with in school, e. Cuts and grazes cleaned with water, and a plaster applied, if applicable.

If you have witnessed the incident, you should note the details and action taken.

Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people 3 essay

This might include if a child has vomited or has a cut that may require more urgent medical attention, e. Identify circumstances when children and young people may require urgent medical attention.

Circumstances when a child may require urgent medical attention are:The programme syllabus will allow the assessor to understand how the subject should be assessed and will provide the assessor with guidance and information in the form of an assessment strategy.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec As a result of the riots seen in the United Kingdom, Louise Casey () was commissioned by the coalition government to write a . The Children Act provides the legal basis for how social services and other agencies deal with issues relating to children.

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Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People Essay Example for Free

It is easy to get caught up in the negativity of a government of the crass, by the crass, and for the crass. Mean-spirited men and women haunt the hallowed halls of government and our public space every day, offending our sense of decency and fairness. The standards that school and childcare providers must meet for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5.

Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people | Essay Example