Short story on the afterlife

The only thing to fear is fear itself. The pain had come suddenly, had mounted to an unbearable peak, and had then ebbed steadily. He could feel his breath slowing and a kind of gathering peace washing over him.

Short story on the afterlife

We all want to know what happens after we die. For many people, then, it is enormously life-affirming to know that our brief sojourn on Earth is not just a series of random events without meaning, and that a greater purpose lies ahead for us in another world.

To help draw my own conclusions about the afterlife, I decided to ask the Michael entity for their input, and channeled the following answers using twenty-six questions. Descriptions of the afterlife are as varied as they are similar, and often impossible to validate.

In the end it comes down to what resonates the most for you. Some of the answers may be surprising -- even startlling -- but in either case, a fascinating journey lies ahead.


What is the afterlife? Following the death of the physical body, the soul is released from its earth-bound vessel of flesh and bone, and with the assistance of a guide, passes through the etheric tunnel the familiar passage with a beckoning light at the end that exits into a higher plane of existence -- often referred to as the spirit world, the astral plane, the afterlife, or in your Christian terms, heaven.

During a near-death experience, is the person getting a glimpse of the astral? Near-death experiences, if not hallucinatory, do offer glimpses of the astral. Although, as the soul is still corded to the physical body, the visions get skewed with interpretations related to earth-based belief systems and expectations.

More so, the vision lacks clarity and often assumes elements of fantasy and mysticism. This is no fault of the viewer. Unless otherwise trained, a soul still connected to the body tends to see the astral with a little distortion.

Is Heaven the same as the astral plane? Common depictions of heaven, as recorded in religious doctrine, are fictitious representations of how the astral was perceived from a religious perspective. In some communities on the astral, where beliefs about a Christian deity are deeply ingrained, pearly-white gates may surround the property.

Baby souls or young soul priests looking for congregations to inspire, tend to flock to these areas, the astral equivalent of the mid-western United States. Belief systems, especially those backed by deep emotional convictions, are allowed to manifest on the astral unfettered till the nature of the beliefs change and soul feel ready to choose the next stage of development.

Is Hell a real place? Hell, under the guise of its biblical associations, is just a way of deferring guilt and not taking responsibility for the evil doings of man.

Hell is not real in the sense that the physical is real or the astral is real. In some instances hell can be the internal suffering of a tortured soul made manifest using the malleable clay of astral energy, but these hellish constructs are fleeting and illusionary.

In a more real sense, hell is the state of a mind disconnected from essence or the true self. What is the afterlife like?

Short story on the afterlife

Is it similar to Earth? The astral plane or afterlife is roughly positioned over the same terrestrial space which you would call Earth or in our terminology, the physical plane as it pertains to the cycle of incarnations in your system.

The essential difference is that the astral sphere vibrates at a higher rate, transcending the vibrational rate of the physical plane's molecular structures. The other notable difference is that areas of terrestrial space are unlimited in this dimension, and the geographical terrain can greatly expand.

While the familiar landmarks and other distinguishing features of the Earth still remain the oceans, the mountains, and so forth the malleable nature of the plane allows for unlimited deviations of the geography, all dependent on the imaginative and creative desires of those occupying a particular region.

On the astral plane, beach front property is available to all who can imagine it. Limitations of space, far too common on earth, do not exist on the astral. Think of the astral as a giant erector set whose only boundaries are those of the imagination. As we said, certain Earth coordinates still exist, but all familiar landmarks may get enhanced and re-envisioned, dependent on the whims of an individual creator or host of co-creators.Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

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